Hafiz Nayyar Khurshid

Stock Market

Learning is one step, experiencing is another important step, what you learn and then experience practically is often considered to be an important factor behind your success or failure. The stock market has always been my center of attention, learning it and then experiencing it is a very thrill-ful journey till now, before sharing my experience of the Stock Market , we all should be familiar with the term itself.

My Experience

Since 2013-2015, I have worked with public investments gaining maximum expertise in this genre, I took a step forward to private investments , both public and private investments have their working criteria, I started from public investments and then moved to private investments which generate the opportunity of learning the system deeply and currently working with private investments since 2016.
I have also worked in mutual funds and share accommodations , mutual funds drive money from public investments and use that money to buy professionally managed portfolios like equities, bonds, and other securities.